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Classrooms: RVU’s Community can reserve large and small classrooms in Colorado and Utah. Classrooms are equipped with audio/video equipment for in-person and online meetings.

Individual & Group Study Rooms: RVU’s Community can reserve study rooms on iNet in Colorado and Utah and Outlook in Montana. Study Rooms include tables, chairs, and whiteboards.

Library Instruction: RVU’s Community can join several instruction sessions during the academic year. Information about upcoming sessions is posted on our website, on the student activities calendar, found on digital displays throughout the building, and on foam boards outside the Library. Furthermore, faculty can request that a member of the Library team provide targeted instruction to their students.

Purchase Requests: RVU’s Community can request that the Library purchase books, articles, and supplies on their behalf through our website.

Research Consultations: RVU’s Community can request one-on-one or group research consultations with a member of our research team. Consultations can be booked through our website, through Navigate, or by emailing the research team directly.

Wellness Activities: RVU’s Community can join a number of the Library’s wellness activities. The Library hosts weekly yoga sessions in Colorado, quarterly book club meetings on each campus, and a bi-yearly “Hurrah for Humanities” event to encourage our community to read over winter and summer break.

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Colorado Campus
8401 South Chambers Road
Parker, CO 80112
(720) 875-2847

Utah Campus
255 East Center Street
Ivins, UT, 84738
(435) 222-1333

Montana Campus
4130 Rocky Vista Way
Billings, MT 59106
(406) 901-2753