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The British Medical Journal is an active participant in the field of biomedical science research and publication. Founded in 1840, the BMJ's mission is to push the debate forward on health; engage and inform doctors; and improve patient-centered decision making.  Peer reviewed and updated weekly, BMJ Case Reports is available in over 70 countries and contains more than 15,000 online case reports separated by case types and specialty. Additionally, users can search for the most recent cases, most read articles the month prior, and BMJ's case reports blog.

The New England Journal of Medicine has been amongst one of the world largest medical journals since it was founded over 200 years ago. NEJM continuously delivers quality peer-reviewed biomedical science research to students, physicians, and educators. In fact, it is written into their mission statement! NEJM's mission is to provide physicians with the best emerging research at the confluence of clinical practice and biomedical science. NEJM is accessed by more than a quarter of a million people each week and receives over 16,000 research submission each year.

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