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Graphic Medicine: CONTRIBUTORS




Tina L. Hefty, MLIS
Assistant Director of Library Services, Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities (previous)

In 2016, Tina designed and implemented a pioneering course series at Rocky Vista University called Graphic Novels & Medicine. This elective targets the topic of humanism in medicine through a literary lens, as students are required to read and discuss several graphic novels that reveal the experiences of patients and caregivers. Developing this course allowed Tina to become highly familiar with how graphic novels written about medical conditions—including mental illness—can benefit and educate readers. As of June 2018, Tina is no longer affiliated with Rocky Vista University.

Jensen A. Fisher, MLIS

Research Librarian & Instructor of Medical Humanities

Jensen has loved reading comic books since he was a little boy. Like many young readers, she was first exposed to the media in the form of superhero comic books, and that was her introduction to how art can be used as voice for social issues. From the X-Men, who are outliers of normal society, to Batman’s Rogue Gallery, this art form has a longstanding history of speaking to readers about mental illness. And while these stories sometimes lack the accurate portrayal of diseases and disorders, they are often able to effectively humanize the struggles of those experiencing mental illness. Years later, Professor Fisher is still fascinated by the power of comics. View Faculty Profile

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Joe Richard

Joseph Richard, MLIS
Outreach Coordinator

Joe is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has lived in Colorado since 2014. He completed his Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Denver in 2016, and a B.A. in History from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2012. Joseph has been the Outreach Coordinator at the Frank Ritchel Ames Memorial Library in Colorado since 2017. As the Outreach Coordinator he works across-campus to connect RVU's community members with library services and information resources. View Staff Profile


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