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Research 101

Synonym Rings

Search Engines and Library Databases employ controlled vocabularies to assign subject headings for the purpose of organizing and connecting information resources that are similar in scope. In addition, subject headings are organized in a searchable thesaurus (e.g. MeSH) so researchers can find information quickly, without the hassle of "guess work".

For instance, a single article will be assigned numerous subject headings by the database, contain subject headings submitted by the author(s), and scores of important and searchable keywords.

One step in becoming an effective searcher is to develop a Synonym Ring using Term Identification. 

Develop a Synonym Ring by creating a concise list of terms that you want to use for each important keyword/subject. 

General Question: Communicating effectively during diagnosis delivery to increase compliance and treatment outcomes

Communication Diagnosis Delivery Compliance Treatment Outcomes
Personal Communication Patient Communication Patient Compliance Outcome Assessment
Information Dissemination Patient Interation Patient Adherence Treatment Outcomes
Health Literacy Doctor-Patient Relationships Patient Cooperation Clinical Effectiveness
Health Communication Patient Consultation Patient Non-Adherence Patient-Relevant Outcome
Communication Theory Diagnosis Delivery Patient Non-Compliance Clinical Efficacy
Social Constructivism Doctor-Patient Interaction Treatment Compliance Treatment Efficacy
Cultural Competency Physician-Patient Relations Medication Adherence Rehabilitation Outcome



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