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Healthcare Databases

psychology and behavioral sciences collection

MEDLINE Complete

MEDLINE Index contains over 28 million citations, submitted by major biomedical sciences publishers. The library's access to MEDLINE Complete provides RVU's community members with access to the largest companion database to the MEDLINE Index. Our subscription to MEDLINE Complete includes access to over 1,300 full text journals from top-tier biomedical sciences publishers. 

Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Cochrane Systematic Reviews  is the nations authoritative database for peer-reviewed systematic reviews and meta-analyses in health care. Cochrane Systematic Reviews provide doctors and researchers with a comprehensive view of the efficacy of a specific medical intervention. 

Cochrane Clinical Answers

Cochrane Clinical Answers provides a conduit to rich content that is available in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews by putting reviews into clinical contexts and PICO format. Furthermore, Cochrane Clinical Answers is the only library databases that allows users to input clinical questions. If you do not know how to structure a clinical question, it is recommended that you perform a subject search (i.e browse the index for more information.)

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection includes access to 500 top-tier full text journals covering subjects such as: Anthropology, Mental Processes, Observational and Experimental Methods, Psychiatry and Psychology, and Anthropology. 


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