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Research 101

Citation Mining

Citation Mining is an excellent search strategy to utilize when you are beginning your literature search. Citation Mining can be used to create a concise list of how each article has cited sources or has been cited by others.

  • Once you have identified an article or group of relevant articles, see what papers the author(s) have cited in the bibliographic record.
  • Explore how your primary group of articles have been cited since their publication. 

Cross Ref

Cross Ref is a journal specific citation mining tool that links to cited articles. Cross Ref is journal dependent, meaning that is not available on every library journal.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar contains a built-in citation mining tool. It enables researchers to locate how an article has been cited since its publication. 

Library Literature Search

Library Literature Search contains links in the bibliographic record that enable researchers to discover what other papers have been published by the author(s).


‚ÄčPubMed contains linked citations in the reference section of free articles. It enables researches to locate what articles the author cited.


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