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Microsoft Teams

Managing a Team

1. Click the "three horizontal dots" and then click "Manage Team". The Manage Team panel allows you to make changes from one single page. 

2. Click "Add Members" to add new members to your group. Teachers will automatically become group owners and students will become members.

Helpful Hint: Add individual members or an entire distribution list (COM 2023) using the auto-complete feature.

3. Each member will receive an email that they have been added to your TEAM.


Tagging: Add tags to specific groups of people, so that you can easily "@ a tag group" in the chat instead of having to "@ each person individually". 


1. Open the "Manage Team" page. 
2. Click the "Tag" Icon next to a member's name and assign a specific tag. 

Deleting Members & Owners: Deleting members and owners can be done from the "Manage Team" page. 


1. Deleting a member from a channel does not remove them from the team. 

2. Deleting a member for the team will remove them from all channels. 

3. You can only delete an "Owner" by first changing their role to "Member".

1. Click the "three horizontal dots" and then click "Manage Team". The Manage Team panel allows you to make changes from one single page. 

2. Click "Channels" then click "Add channel".

Think of Channels as sub-groups of the entire team dedicated to specific topics or purposes.

  • You can create private channels for specific members (e.g. Gina's Marketing Team is working on creating the marketing for a new product) or create public channels.

Helpful Hint: The "General Channel" is a default public channel (everyone in your team) that is created when you create your team. The Public Channel is a good place to send out 'all-team' communications and schedule TEAMS video meetings. 

3. Adding Members to a "Private Channel" works the same way as adding members to your team. Click the "three horizontal dots" next to channel and then click "Add members".

Helpful Hint: If you create a "Private Channel", you can add members directly into the channel, but they must first be a member of your TEAM. Only members in the private channel can see the channel or communicate in the channel


Channel Notifications: Customize how you want to be notified when someone posts or mentions the channel.


1. Click the "three horizontal dots" next the to channel. 

2. Click "Channel notifications".

3. Edit your notification settings. 


Channel Settings for MembersGive your channel members different permission, change @mentions, and enable/disable Fun Stuff. 


1. Click "Manage Channel".
2. Click "Settings"
3. Edit Settings. 

1. Click the "three horizontal lines" next to the TEAM name and click "Manage Team".

2. Click "Setting" to change your Team Theme, Member Permissions, @Mentions, Fun Stuff, and Tags--to name a few. Team Setting will be applied to all channels unless you change the channel setting for a specific channel. 


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