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Microsoft Teams

The Four Basic Teams

RVU Community Members can create a Teams for different purposes.

  1. Class: Discussions, group projects, assignments
  2. Professional Learning Community: educator working group
  3. Staff: school administration and development
  4. Other: clubs, study groups, after school activities. 

Helpful Hint: The TEAM that you choose will determine determine your permissions, team members, educational goals, and features. View a detailed description HERE!

Create a TEAM

1. Click "Join or create Team.

2. Choose the "Team Type" that fits your needs.

3. Give your TEAM a Name and Description.

Helpful Hint: If you already have a TEAMS page, reuse the existing template to save time.

4. Press "Skip". If you are creating a new TEAMS page (not using a template), it is best to design the page before you add Students and Teachers. 

Helpful Hint: Adding new members (students and teachers) is covered in the "Managing Teams" page. 

5. Your TEAMS page is now successfully created. Head over to the "Managing Teams" page to learn how to manager your team, add channels, add members, and edit the team. 


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