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Library Fiction Book Club


The Library Fiction Book Club promotes collegiality among Students, Faculty and Staff at RVU in a low-stress environment that encourages the exchange of different ideas.

The club will meet once every month and a half over the lunch hour in Library Classroom 2 and on Microsoft Teams. Members can attend the meeting online or in-person. Utah and Montana members can only join the meeting via Teams.

Participation is never mandatory and members can attend meetings whenever their schedule allows.

Wellness Point
Employees on Colorado and Utah are eligible to earn 5 wellness points per book--No more than 10 points per quarter.

  • Earn 5 wellness points, employees must attend a meeting for at least 45 minutes. 


  1. Always be respectful when discussing your ideas or responding to the ideas of other members. 
  2. The Book-of-the-Month must always be Fiction. 
  3. The Book-of-the-Month must always be below 450 pages. 
  4. The Book-of-the-Month must always be below reasonably priced (no greater than $20).
  5. The Book-of-the-Month must be available in multiple formats (eBook, Print, Audio Book, etc.). 

Fiction Books

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