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How to Search VisualDx

Users can build unique differentials on VisualDx and search for drugs and diagnoses.

Users can search for diagnoses or build custom differentials by searching for a symptom or medication.

Depending on the differential that you create, the options in the workup may vary, but you will be presented with different checkboxes (e.g. onset of findings, patient appearance, vitals, etc.) and the abillity to specify the patient's age and sex.

Helpful Hints: 

  1. VisualDx allows you to add additional findings that are not already included in the checkboxes.
  2. View the strength of your differential in "DDX Strength" 

Once you have completed you differential, VisualDx will display the results page based on the number of matches. Topics pages are sorted by tabs (consider 1st, consider 2nd, emergencies, infectious, drug induced) and you will be shown topics in the most relevant tabs depending on the matches. 

Topic pages provide users will a comprehensive overview of the topic, including: management, treatment, prevention, images, and ICD-10 codes.

Helpful Hint: VisualDx allows you to build custom differentials and then link-out to UpToDate topics or PubMed. 

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