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How to Search UpToDate

Users can search for information in UpToDate in five different ways.

  • Clinical Questions: clinical questions by diseases, symptoms, lab results, tests, procedures, diagnoses, and treatments. 
  • Drug Interactions: straightforward approach to compare the potential interactions of two of more drugs.
  • Drug Monographs: contains Drug Topic Pages that provide dosing, interactions, indications, administration, monitoring, use, and adverse effects information.
  • UpToDate Pathways: Interactive clinical decision making trees. 
  • Graphics: access to over 4,700 medical graphics including tables, clinical photos, radiological images, algorithms, illustrations, and microscopic images. 
  • Calculators: 500 clinical calculators, which aid clinicians in medical equations, clinical criteria, statistics, and more. 

Executing a broad search will capture results for conditions, lab interpretations , drug monographs, pathways, graphics, and patient information. 

The search box contains auto-complete that will provide you will recommendations based on what you are typing. 

Helpful Hint: On results page, sort the results by  "all, adult, pediatric, patient, or graphics" and click the "right facing arrow" next to your topic to quickly navigate to a specific section of that topic.

Topic pages provide users will a comprehensive overview of the topic, including: graded recommendations, society guidelines, levels of information, management, images, and updates.

Helpful Hint: Click "Find" to search for certain keywords in the topic page.

UpToDate Drug Interactions is built on Lexicomp and is a straightforward approach to compare the potential interactions of two of more drugs.

Review the "Risk Ratings" to gain an understanding of the interaction.

Review the interaction in detail for a summary and discussion, including patient management and references.

UpToDate uses summary level information from LexiComp to build a comprehensive database of medication names.

Helpful Hint: Browse every Drug Monograph from one page by clicking on "Contents" in the left corner of the screen.

Drug Monographs provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, including: dosing, administration, adverse effects, and brands. 

Helpful Hint: When you execute a broad search for a drug, the results page will include not only the drug monograph but topics pages about the application of that drug in different clinical situations. 


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