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What is Draw It to Know it?

Master the Basic Sciences quicker through active learning. Draw it to Know it teaches students to learn medical sciences in a kinesthetic way with a series of online, interactive tutorials. Founded in 2009, Draw it to Know it is the brain child of Dr. Adam Fisch, MD (current Editor-in-Chief). The goal was simple, create a learning tool that combines hands-on anatomic drawing, tutorials, and challenging exam questions.  But how trustworthy is it? Well, there are 1000+ citations and references spread across each subject area. In addition, the site is overseen by editorial team that features PhD and MD educators. 

RVU's community members have access to:

  • Interactive Tutorial
    • Label Diagrams
    • Draw Along with Videos
    • Starter Images
    • Drawing Exercises
  • Lecture Videos
  • Flashcards
  • Subject Glossary
  • Online Question Bank
  • Brain Atlas
  • Muscle Nerve Directory


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