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Understanding Draw It to Know It


There are nice courses in Draw it to Know it. Pharmacology and Pathology are current in development. 

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Cell Biology
  3. Embryology
  4. Genetics
  5. Embryology
  6. Gross Anatomy
  7. Histology
  8. Neuroanatomy
  9. Physiology

Each course contains subjects tutorials, videos, flashcards, subject exams, drawing exercises and downloadable PDFs.

Helpful Hint: Click on the "down arrow" to expand a specific subject or all subjects. 

Subject tutorials contain straightforward drawing canvases which include short videos and quizzes. 

Understanding the Interface

Students have access to guided videos, drawing tutorials, and pre-created images. 

Choose a canvas to begin. 

1. Blank Canvas: Draw from memory.
2. Starter Canvas : Partially created images. Draw side by side with the image or trace the outline. 
3. Label : Final images without labels. 

4. Draw Along with the Video: Draw over the video while learning about the tutorial. 

Students can draw an image on their own or trace the final image. 

Students can trace over an image and group the layers together. Once you have grouped the layers of your tracing, drag it to the open space to edit the outline. 

Students can edit their traced drawing by changing the style of each layer. Click on each layer individually to change the style of your drawing.

Students can customize the blank canvas, starter canvas, and label canvas. The final canvas cannot be customized.

Students have the option to save pre-created images (final image, starter, and label). Only the started and label images will display customization. Students must always choose the PDF option when saving for the pre-created images to display. 

Users can choose to only view the flashcards (w/o quizzes and drawings) by clicking "Flashcards" from the homepage. 

Users can choose to only view the question banks (w/o quizzes, drawings, and flashcards) by clicking "Question Bank" from the homepage. 

Users can view X-rays of different structures that contain terms, annotations, and colored outlines. 

Users can explore the relationships between muscles and nerves using images and short videos.


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