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Create an LWW Health Library Account

Creating an account in the LWW Health Library is simple and unlocks advanced features. 

When you create an account you are able to:

  • Build virtual book shelves by adding your favorite eBooks,figures, and videos.
  • Self-Assessment tools.
  • Print entire textbooks chapters

Create an LWW Health Library Account

1. Sign into LWW Health Library by going through the proxy using your RVU username and password. 

2. Click "Create a free personal account".

3. Enter all of the required information into the Registration Form.

LWW Health Library Account Features

Bookmark entire textbooks, specific chapters, and figures to access them quickly in the future by clicking the "star" icon. 

Helpful Hint: Access your Bookmarked content in your profile. 

Faculty, Students, and Staff can download images, figures, and tables for non-commercial, academic purposes (EX: lectures). Users do not need an account to download slides.

Step 1: Search for an image.

Step 2: Click “Image” under “Media.

Step 3: Clicking on an image will open the textbook that the image is contained within; thus giving you greater context.

Step 4: Download the PPT slide by clicking “Slide (.ppt)”.

Faculty, Students, and Staff can print entire textbook chapters after they have created their own personal user account. 

Help Hint: Student, Faculty, Staff do not need to create a personal user account to download cases. 

Self-Assessment Quizzes provide Students, Faculty, and Staff with access thousands of questions separated by course. 

  • Take quizzes by course and subject
  • Create custom quizzes
  • Create time limits to track your progress

Helpful Hint: If you want to create a quiz that covers everything is a course (anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc.), just click "Start Quiz". 

Custom Quizzes allow users to combine different quizzes in a given course. Currently, combining different quizzes from different courses is not possible. 

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