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Point of Care Databases

AccessMedicine provides you with thousands of online resources that are updated weekly with the newest research and emerging trends across a number of healthcare professions.

Users searching AccessMedicine will find:

  • Medical Textbooks - Over 100 online textbooks separated by specialty.
  • Quick Reference - Practice guidelines, Diagnostic tests, quick medical Dx and Rx, QMDT, Clinical Prep, 2-minute Medicine, and Calculators. 
  • Drug Monographs - Access monographs by trade names, drug classes, generics, and access patient handouts.
  • Multimedia - Access videos by category; videos by system; explore essential radiology; patient safety modules; a female reproductive system module; and pharmacology lectures. 
  • Cases - Select basic science and clinical cases from the Case Files Collection. 
  • Study Tools - Access online review questions by subject, interactive flashcards, and a multiplayer turn-based video game.
  • Patient Education - Access over 7,000 patient education handouts in multiple languages. 

ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine and point-of-care database that provides access to thousands of online resources.

Users searching ClinicalKey will find:

  • Medical Textbooks - Over 1,200 online textbooks from a variety of healthcare professions.
  • Journals - Access to over 650 eJournals, covering a variety of medical and surgical specialties. 
  • Drug Monographs - More than 1,100 drug monographs to help healthcare professionals to make accurate patient-centered decisions.
  • Guidelines - Over 4,500 practice guidelines.
  • Patient Education -  Over 15,000 patient education handouts that can be customized with special instructions, preferred languages, and varying text sizes. 
  • First Consults / Clinical Overviews - Access to over 300 procedures consult videos and articles, 850 first consult monographs, and 1,400 clinical overviews separated by topic.
  • Multimedia Resources - Comprehensive database containing over 3,000,000 images and 33,00 medical and surgical videos.

DynaMed is the next-generation clinical information resource designed to optimize speed to answer for the busy clinician. The content is written by a world-class team of physicians and researchers who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis. DynaMed topics are always based on clinical evidence and the content is updated multiple times each day to ensure physicians have the information they need to make decisions at the point of care. 

Users searching DynaMed will find:

  • Synthesized topic reviews that cover medical specialties, symptoms, diagnoses, tests, and treatments. 
  • Drug Monographs
  • Drug Interactions
  • Clinically organized topics designed to get the best answer quickly. 
  • Access to the full text of many references straight from DynaMed Plus.
  • Synthesized graded recommendations. 
  • Clinical calculators, medication information, and lab references. 
  • Patient education information. 
  • Continuously updated content, 24/7/365.

UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that assists clinicians with point-of-care decisions. 

More than 1.9 million clinicians in 190+ countries rely on UpToDate® to make the best care decisions and stay abreast of contemporary standards in the workflow and on-the-go. UpToDate is the only resource associated with improved patient outcomes and hospital performance, and studies show that clinicians who use UpToDate change their decisions 30 percent of the time. More than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations. Every day, clinicians view topics covering 25 specialties over 1.6 million times.

Users searching UpToDate will find:

  • Synthesized topic reviews that cover major medical specialties, symptoms, diagnoses, tests, and treatments, written, in short, concise paragraphs.
  • Drug Monographs
  • Drug Interactions
  • Society Guidelines
  • Access graded treatment recommendations, utilizing the GRADE system. 
  • Access Clinical Calculators and a Drug Interactions Database are available.  
  • Print patient education information.
  • Updated approximately every 4 months.

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety.  Quickly search by diagnosis, build a patient-specific differential, or review travel or medication-related events at the point of care.  With peer-reviewed clinical content, world's best medical image library, and Sympticon™ technology, even complex presentations can be diagnosed with confidence.

Users searching VisualDx will find:

  • Synthesized topic reviews and medical images that cover a wide range of medical specialties, symptoms, and diagnoses. 
  • The ability to build unique differential diagnoses for each patient using the differential builder. 
  • Over 32,000 medical images. 
  • ympticons™ to visualize symptoms and diseases. 
  • Medications to explore adverse reactions and management recommendations. 
  • Improved decision-making with subsections "Diagnostic Pearls and Pitfalls". 
  • Written, reviewed, and edited on an ongoing basis by physician experts. 
  • Link to topic-specific PubMed abstract. 
  • Links to UpToDate and PubMed for further exploration on a diagnosis or disease. 
  • Patient Education materials. 

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