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Career and Professional Development

Career and Professional Development


The Career and Professional Development Guide aims to offer students relevant resources to foster success, promote professional growth and development, and prepare doctors for compassionate, innovative, and patient-centered careers in medicine.  

The Career and Professional Development Guide has been designed to assist students in career exploration keeping in mind their unique positionalities, identities, and values— we use these words in the plural form to acknowledge students hold many overlapping and intersecting identities. We want to recognize how identity intersections converge with your career in medicine and how to think about yourselves as whole people that. In this library guide, you will find relevant resources and information that will help you succeed as student doctors including, but not limited to: Networking, DEI in Careers in Medicine, Specialty Specific Career Development, and Professional Development resources to leverage your CV building activities.  

Please think of this as a living guide. Your Career and Professional Development team will continue to grow and expand these lists. If you find things that you think would be a good fit, please email 

We hope that this library guide will serve as a valuable toolkit. 

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