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The Arcane Death of
Edgar Allan Poe


Library Escape Room

18-29 October 2021


Search for clues, solve puzzles, and unlock the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Edgar Allan Poe.


The Story

The death of Edgar Allan Poe remains a mystery to this day and the cause of his death has been much disputed. He was found in a state of delirium at Ryan's Tavern in Baltimore on the evening of October 3, 1849 by Joseph Walker who reported to police that “Poe was in a state of distress and in need of immediate assistance.” Although generally known to be well-groomed and dress with sartorial style, when found, Poe appeared haggard and unwashed wearing clothes that were not those in which he had last been seen.

Poe was removed from the tavern and admitted to Washington College Hospital where he was denied all visitors and confined to a cell-like room with barred windows. Unfortunately, he succumbed four days later having never regained consciousness.

His last word was

...or Lord, help my poor soul.

...or Renounce!

It's a mystery!



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